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Entertainment Blogs
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Here's a way to avoid the extra bag charge if you're flying...wear all your clothes. Silly I know, but someone actually tried this.   James McElvar, 19, of the boy band Rewind fell ill after attempting to avoid a $70 luggage charge by wearing all of this clothes on an EasyJet flight.   The singer collapsed on the plane due to heat exhaustion. McLever, who wore 12 layers of clothing, told The Sun, “I thought I was having a heart attack. I thought I was a goner.”   In all, McEl...
1962 days ago 7 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Joan Rivers passed away this week. She was 81 but with plastic surgery she looked a lot younger albeit different.   I remember her signature catchphrases "Can we talk?" and "Grow up!" She broke ground for female comedians. Her quick comebacks, sharp wit and biting humor was never out of style.   She made millions on QVC, was on the Tonight Show 72 times, and kept reinventing herself. A true pioneer and a funny lady. She always made me laugh.   Did you find her funny?...
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