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339 days ago 20 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
As the photo evinces, recently I was blocked by Facebook.   What did I do?  I posted some iconic photos of the great Josephine Baker on one of Judy Mauer’s inspirational Facebook posts.   The problem, according to Facebook, is that her breasts were barely bare in one of the photos.  To be honest, I didn’t even notice, but they sure did and I had to promise to be more careful in the future to regain my platform.  If you missed me on Facebook, now you know why.   I would post t...
396 days ago 29 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Is Big Brother from “1984” watching me?Something is going on.  That much I know!When we get in the car Sunday mornings my phone suddenly lights up and declares “13 minutes to Sea Cliff”, where we usually enjoy brunch at the Oak Room Tavern. Also, at the end of the work day, when I get into my car the phone reports “53 minutes to get home”. I try not to reveal my location when requested to do so by apps.  So I do not comprehend. Last week Siri actually asked me to give her my ...
550 days ago 24 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Last week I blogged about being beleagured by a (Hack) Hoax and once that was resolved I immediately proceeded to lose my phone.  The second was surely worse than the first. The only explanation is that my pocket was picked.  Believe me, I looked everywhere!I hope it never happens to you.  What a horribly helpless empty frustrating feeling.  Everything is lost and you are alone without recourse. One has no idea how dependent they have become on their mobile device until this ...
627 days ago 18 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Last week our telephone dial tone disappeared.  My first reaction was to call the phone company (Verizon) and ask for a repair man. However, I could not find the telephone repair number on the telephone bill or in the Yellow Pages for Verizon. There was nothing else to do but resort to Google and I did so and I found a link for Verizon repair. I clicked on the link and "Samson" invited me to text the problem to him.  I did so and he quickly responded with questions, more ques...
970 days ago 31 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
As our communication systems evolve and become ever more sophisticated I believe actual communication suffers.  When I was young we had telephone operators who said "Number please?" and shared our telephone service on a "Party Line".  In those days talking (or just listening) was a treat and a long distance call was cause for excitement and shouting.  Now, alas, things are far different.  When the phone rings now I am told people (you know who you are) cower incognito and wai...
1019 days ago 28 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
I am compelled to admit that I have become an addict.  I am addicted to Social Media.  Although mostly a Luddite, I am constantly watching and working my amazingly fecund iPhone.     It started years ago with email and a crude self constructed fredslist which became a more sophisticated and responsive list serve.  Texting is my least favorite form of communication, but it is a highly effective direct private line to my grand kids.  Over time, I began to thrive on the near ins...
1285 days ago 9 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
For more years than I am willing to admit I have gone to my local hardware store to buy a dozen outdoor spotlight bulbs for a 10% volume discount (buy local). At first I didn't notice, but after the passage of time I realized that the bulbs were blowing with cash register regularity. Being somewhat thrifty or penurious, I eschewed local loyalty and went to Home Depot looking for a more reliable, new fangled, longer-lasting bulb.  The result? Glory be!  I should live so long! ...
1313 days ago 13 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
We have all been captive inside a mechanized telephone maze. Nothing infuriates me more than the frustration of the urgent need to get through to the party I've called, but being put in the holding pen. Invariably, the delay becomes interminable as the loop interrupts the cheesy elevator music to proclaim "your call is important to us please stay on the line". When patience is at end there is great temptation to hang up, but no!  You have gone so far and would have to start o...
1684 days ago 16 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
I thrive on the email. I love it!   I find it so instantaneous and available that I just can't resist it. In that respect I'm fortunate that my friends are responsive and equally hooked. I can't imagine how I/we ever existed before email and I'm sure that Gotham, which is paperless, would be nonexistent without the advent of email at our onset 18 years ago. Most of my correspondence is by email, although I do have a few difficult to reach people who I have to text. This is...
1698 days ago 15 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Are you on Facebook?  If not, in my opinion, you should be. Why?  Because it is a great connectivity tool. We talk at meetings about the need to have one on one meetings and participation in Gotham committees and events, in addition to attendance at regular meetings, inorder to maximize the networking experience. However, in my opinion, the secret ingredients are memory and personal info tid bits to fuel relationship building and bonding. What better source than Facebook wher...
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