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217 days ago 31 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
I have never been a good dancer.  I just don’t get it and as a consequence have not danced in years. My wife Joanne, however, is the Natural on the dance floor. Last Saturday we went to a party and the music was from our era and she asked me to dance and I surprised myself with my willingness. Well, surprise surprise, I was out there moving just about on the beat and enjoying it. Was I missing something all these years?...
651 days ago 28 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
According to the Gotham website, I have composed, to date, 284 Friday With Fred blogs for Gotham.In my dreams, they would make an interesting coffee table book, but for now I strive to continue fulfilling the creative task. At present, Gotham has seven daily Bloggers: starting with Corey on Sunday (a "tough beat" according to the previous Sunday blogger Hard Hitting Don Bernstein), Rona on Monday, Nancy on Tuesday, Cayce on Wednesday, Ben on Thursday, me on Friday and Mitch o...
847 days ago 22 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Two weeks ago my blog consisted of a list of my Dislikes, e.g., Judge strike outs.  My blogging concept is to encourage comments and then respond to them, i.e., interact with the audience and create a conversation.    This week I seek to double down on the interaction by publishing the reaction to my Dislikes by the readers.  The commenter Dislikes are as follows:Paul Napolitano: Disingenuousness/phoninessJudy Mauer: people disappointing me. Liars, cruelty, our president. Tho...
1211 days ago 18 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:

My wife Joanne was fortunate to have been in the Howdy Doody show's Peanut Gallery in the halcyon 1950s.  She also won the first Met Banner Day in the turbulent 1960s.  Some say she should also receive an award for navigating our family over our 50 years of marriage.

What Awards have you won?

1218 days ago 32 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:

I have been writing my Friday With Fred blog for nearly 10 years and it has become a regular part of my life. 

At any time, a subject might strike me and I rush to write it on my iPhone. 

Contrary to another regular blogger, I tend to keep mine short and to the point and today's point is that I would like suggestions as to topics you would like to read about. 

So please chime in.  Thanks. 

1288 days ago 14 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Tonight is A Rod's last game. Or is it?After 22 Big League seasons during which he struck 696 home runs while failing two performance enhancing drug tests Alex Rodriguez is a complicated, untruthful tarnished star with a still huge Yankee contract guaranteed through 2017.  In an emotional press conference last Sunday A Rod spoke the Yankee party line and "retired".  Based on his history I do not believe him. My gut tells me we have not seen the last of him as an aging 41 year...
1406 days ago 5 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
On Sunday we will enjoy our fourth annual Battle of the Bands. Each year this musical competition improves and I am proud to say that Sunday's venue is the iconic Greenwich Village Cafe Wha?.  Yes, where Dylan and Jimi had their starts.  We owe the honor of playing there to part owner William Skody (Co Chair of our Make A Difference Group).  Thank you again and again.  The inception of the Battle is a classic Gotham story which helps define who we are.  Nancy and I were havin...
1540 days ago 6 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
This is a shout out for 2 Gotham Committees with which I recently worked:  The Gotham Film Festival Committee (Chaired by Steven Skyles-Mulligan plus Cayce Crown, Judy Mauer and Gideon Schein) and the Gotham Green Awards Committee (Co Chaired by Corey Bearak and Josh Zinder plus Group Coordinator Sherry Rivera).  Against tense deadline pressure each Committee produced triumphant events which made Gotham proud.  Entertainment Chairman Norm Spizz is the coordinator of all our s...
1554 days ago 24 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
< Have you ever seen the Dos Equis pitch man?  They call him "The Most Interesting Man in the World".  He is pictured above and you know what, I get it a lot that I look like him. There are a lot of worse possible comparisons.  When it comes up I usually respond "I'm just his stunt double". At the recent Gotham Film Festival one of the winners floated the idea of my starring in a Dos Equis spoof. Truth be told, I'm not that interesting. ...
1638 days ago 13 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Gotham is a Business-Social Networking group. Or is it a Social-Business Networking group?Which ever it is it sure has a lot of value added Bells and Whistles in its 18th year.  We start with our World Class Fredslist "Magic Wand" list serve which has proven its amazing ability to conjure up just about anything needed or requested. The magic continues with our special thematic list serves covering politics, sports, flicks, music, self serving promotions, left handedness, soft...
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