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10 days ago 44 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags:
Yesterday was the anniversary of my marriage to Joanne Carol Davidson, my Roslyn High School Sweet Heart. Our wedding picture is above. Yes we looked like Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 back in the day and yes so many lamented that I “Got the Girl”. Only last week in the run up to our Anniversary someone wrote to me on Facebook “You are a lucky guy Fred”. Another wrote “I’ll never figure out what she saw in you. She could have had anyone she wanted.”They are not wrong as I know t...
1473 days ago 23 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags:
Tomorrow will be the 50th anniversary of my marriage to my high school sweet heart, Joanne Carol Davidson.  When we got married the war in Vietnam was raging and we did not have a clue.  At best, we had a no plan plan.  Yes, we had our ups and downs, but somehow we did the right thing, got the breaks, seized opportunities, lived within our means, had a family and built a wonderful life. And quite a life it has been. We have an expression "Klein luck", but I wonder.  Was a hig...
2117 days ago 10 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags:

I have never tired of "After The Gold Rush" and have always been a fan of the great Neil Young.

Most recently, I was fascinated by his book "Waging Heavy Peace" and his professed love for his long time wife and collaborator Pegi.

But then he divorces the love of his life for a Mermaid.

Love can break whose heart?

2208 days ago 15 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags:

Last Friday night the partners of the firm went to Rao's for some special after hours fun. 

Why "Where's Waldo"?  Because my 4 law partners are female as is our Office Manager and my life (wife) partner. So see if you can find Waldo in the above picture of my law and life partners.

For sure, the staff and patrons at Rao's regarded me as the lucky man I am!

Cue "Glory Days" or any other tune which catches my mood!

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