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City Blogs
188 days ago 25 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
Last Sunday we ventured into the city for our annual visit to the beautiful Guggenheim (see picture). Summer in the city weekends present less hustle, bustle and traffic as we left early.  We zoomed into the city in about a half hour and quickly found a street spot before entering Wright’s beautiful creative edifice.  Who could resist a flurry of photos?We walked up the art festooned ramps, viewing Maplethorpe, Nevelelson, Agnes Martin, Rauschenberg and Bacon amongst other ar...
468 days ago 33 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
I must admit that until this past weekend I was unfamiliar with Uber (Lyft too). We went to Ann Arbor to visit our grandson Jackson and to see the Michigan-Penn State game in The Big House and were advised not to rent a car on such a hectic weekend due to parking problems. Joanne had the Uber app on her phone and was therefore in charge of hooking us up for the ride and the drivers. My experience was mostly devoted to being along for the ride and chatting up the drivers. Well...
993 days ago 27 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
I have been taking the subway to work for 50 years and have had many experiences, both good and bad, in my travels.  However, last week I had a poignant, unique under ground experience as I entered a crowded car on the way into work.  As I entered a younger man gestured to me and offered to give me his seat.  Despite the fact that it was unexpected and unsolicited, I did not hesitate or waiver.  I surprised myself by accepting the seat.  Afterwards as I mulled the shocking ex...
1917 days ago 9 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
Our firm has had Season tickets to the Knicks (not always a good investment) since the '80s. As such, I have taken my 2 sons to many games over the years.  Last Sunday the tradition continued as I took my son David and my 2 grandsons to a 1:00 matinee. See above photo. I have taken Jackson, the older grandson to a number of games in recent years, but it was the first for Shawn, the 8 year old Baseball fanatic who was the subject of a recent blog. Shawn and I took the train in...
1924 days ago 15 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
My Gotham mentor partner, Flo Feinberg, has a wonderful favorite Yiddish word which she often tosses into our free flowing conversation. It is Bashert and it means "meant to be or predestined".I thought of her special word last Saturday when we went into the City to see the Egon Schiele exhibit at the Neue Gallery located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 86th Street.Our story opens with me dropping Joanne off at the museum and going off in search for a street parking spot. Aft...
2225 days ago 10 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
On the morning after our December 3rd Holiday Party (where we named the recipient of our hallowed "Red Bandana" Award, named two new Networkers of the Year and our Foundation handed out four $5000 grants to worthy and appreciative recipients) it came to me that, more than anything else, the characteristic which distinguishes Gotham from other groups, networking or otherwise, is that we have SOUL!SOUL is defined as the Spiritual part of a human being regarded as immortal. In m...
2330 days ago 13 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
I have become a snap shot artist with the advent of my iPhone 5 which has a far better camera than my old Blackberry.   I fancy myself not so much an artist as a shutter bug. Someone who seizes the advantage of having the instant ability to see a picture in my mind's eye and take it "in the moment". A perfect everyday example is above.   What's more, with Facebook I have the ability to instantaneously broadcast it to my world and then view "Likes" and approving comments...
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