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684 days ago 5 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
There were nine of us around the conference table. As the meeting came to a close, we decided to schedule another meeting. Six smartphones appeared. Two laptops were opened. And my Personal Pocket Journal came out of my pocket. Yes, I have my iPhone and there’s a calendar application that links to my office calendar and our family “shared” calendar. But I have never been able to give up my Personal Pocket Journal. Yes, there’s duplication. It also seems like a good check ...
705 days ago 8 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Do you answer calls to your cellphone from numbers that are not in your contacts or recognized by you? I try not to. I never answer a call from the same exchange (first three numbers) as my phone number. I find that the “local caller” phenomenon is also spreading to nearby locales. I have a harder time with Blocked/No Caller ID numbers because some of my usual callers have blocked their numbers. Now my cellphone sometimes warns me of a suspected telemarketer and it app...
719 days ago 5 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Flo was curious. So she asked the first Millennial she saw — he happened to be a salesperson at a department store — what his favorite app for comparing air fares is.   He immediately replied with the names of two apps on his phone. I don’t have an app for comparing air fares but I have plenty of other apps on my iPhone. Though not as many as others have. The apps I use most often are CNN and a banking app. The coolest app is the one I have for creating my emoji. The most...
1489 days ago 10 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Walking through offices, I've noticed them more and more. Two computer screens, where only one once stood, are adorning desks. I am told that it is easier and more-efficient with two screens. One can check emails while still working on documents, spreadsheets, and other projects. Eliminate the annoying reminders and pop-ups on a single screen. Allows one to avoid bouncing back and forth between screenshots. I'm happy with my single computer screen. I think I'd find the ...
1860 days ago 7 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Do you take a camera on vacation? We are packing for a trip to Hawaii. Beautiful scenery. At the last moment, we considered whether to pack a camera. We have a digital SLR with three different lenses and a compact digital point and shoot -- both remnants from a time gone by when the camera in our cell phone was less sophisticated. I dusted off the compact camera and had to charge it back to life. Honestly, I didn't even take the SLR out of the closet. I can't...
2049 days ago 6 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
While listening to the radio the other day, I heard the results of a study stating that it takes an average of 23 minutes to regain one’s focus if one is interrupted with an instant message while working. The study seemed to concentrate on instant messaging, but I suppose that the concept would apply to any e-interruption, although the length of refocus time might vary depending upon any number of factors, including the nature of the interruption. We are constantly bombarded...
2056 days ago 5 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
A recent email exchange makes me wonder about auto-correct. Commenting upon a Gothamite attending a meeting, the email stated that “We always actuate her participation.” Upon receiving the email, my intuitive ’auto correct misspell decipher’ recognized the unintended word immediately. The sender also recognized the error and emailed that “Somehow the auto spell transposed appreciate wig actuate.” My auto correct misspell decipher also recognized that “wig” was not the intend...
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