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Food Blogs
19 days ago 8 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
Picture this. A local restaurant. A favorite. Where the locals eat. You’ve eaten there before. Often Only problem is that they don’t take reservations. Often a wait. My question is. While walking over to the restaurant do you anticipate waiting for a table? In your minds eye, do you see yourself waiting or being seated immediately? It seems to me that the answer to that question tells you a lot about yourself. Think about it — hopefully not while waiting for a table....
145 days ago 5 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
I overheard the conversation at the Long Island Women’s group meeting and it gave me food for thought.Does anyone remember when Wednesday was Prince Spaghetti Day? And recently we were told that it was no surprise that the Mexican restaurant had a two hour wait for takeout on Taco Tuesday.As eating at home becomes the new normal, we seem to be falling into repetitive routines for dinners and the afternoon question of “what’s for dinner ?” is answered with “what day of the wee...
712 days ago 6 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
We’ve eaten at several “No Tipping” establishments over the past few months, most recently at two bars with lite food fare in the City. I didn’t notice a significant increase in the prices of the food or drink, which was a bit of a surprise. The service was fine and the staff was friendly. There was, perhaps, a sense of relief from the burden of “earning” a tip….or, perhaps, I was projecting my feelings. When the check came, I had to remind myself of the “No Tipping” ...
1041 days ago 7 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
Many years ago, we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant with some friends. Our server came by  and asked if we had any questions about the menu. Our friend said, “I’ve heard that the portions here are very small.” “Last time I’m ever going out to dinner with her” I said under my breath. That scene was in my mind the other evening when we were speaking to the owner of a very nice restaurant that we frequent in the City. He was talking about the challenge of getting porti...
1202 days ago 5 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
There's a TV show in which Sam Waterson portrays the District Attorney in New York City. In one scene he is sitting on a park bench near the courts and Municipal Building having his lunch out of a brown paper bag. A colleague walks by and the District Attorney asked him if he'd like to join him for lunch. The colleague appropriately enquires about the venue for lunch and the District Attorney replies that when he was a young attorney someone advised him not to eat at his ...
1391 days ago 4 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
There's a great (and famous) diner in Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard. It's been around since the 1940's where Art and Cliff parked their truck on a lot a few hundred feet from Five Corners. The decor is reminiscent of the era of the diner's birth and the metallic menu signs over the counter offer such specialties as "Tendernived Steak" for $1.25. Unfortunately, but understandably, the menu that the waitstaff presents as you are seated offers a different fare and different ...
2140 days ago 4 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
There's a local frozen yogurt place in our neighborhood. We built up a lot of loyalty points enjoying their yogurt until one day, about a year ago,when they stopped serving “Original Tart”. The owner explained that my favorite flavor was not a big seller. I was in disbelief because, for me, it was the only flavor that tasted remotely like yogurt. We found another frozen yogurt place. Although not local, it did carry an original tart. Infrequently we returned to the local...
2203 days ago 4 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
Let's talk about eating and dining. First, I must admit that I am one who eats to live rather than one who lives to eat. That being said, I appreciate a fine meal although perhaps not with the same gusto that I witness in others. Back to eating and dining. For me, dining is when there is nothing else to do but enjoy the food and the company. I can't dine if I have to be out of the restaurant by a certain time. If you've got to be someplace else, you eat. Time is a cruc...
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