Lorraine Nadel

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Lorraine Nadel

527 MADISON AVE, FL 7, NEW YORK, NY - New York, 10022-4388

E-mail: Lnadel@ncesq.com

Phone: (212) 317-9500

Company: Nadel & Associates, P.C.

Position: Principal/Partner

  • work-phone (212) 317-9500
  • mail-address Lnadel@ncesq.com
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  • location 527 MADISON AVE, FL 7

My principal areas of practice involve both commercial and residential real estate disputes in connection with litigation. This includes matters involving small buildings, co-ops, condos, townhouses, stores, large commercial properties, management companies, and commercial establishments. I am often called upon to handle complex commercial and residential matters for clients, which may involve litigation, leasing, negotiation, or an injunction. We also have a significant commercial and real estate litigation practice, which includes actions involving commercial disputes, deed or title issues, construction litigation, partition, property damage, condo, co-op, by-law, and flip tax matters.


Business Category: Attorneys

Website: www.nadelciarlo.com

Good Lead: Anyone with a question about: -Commercial Real Estate  -Residential Real Estate  -Co-op  -Condo