Judy Mauer

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    Judy Mauer

    48 west 25th st., new york, New York, 10011

    E-mail: heyjudenyc@gmail.com

    Phone: (212) 727-0452

    Company: Phantom Audio

    Position: President

    • work-phone (212) 727-0452
    • mail-address heyjudenyc@gmail.com
    • mobile
    • location 48 west 25th st.

    I have been involved various aspects of the entertainment industry. starting out in theater, moving to music, film and currently in broadcast production. i produce the sound for radio and TV commercials. currently a full time photographer: www.judymauer.com


    the best way to see what i do is to log onto:


    for photography:

    Business Catergory: Accountants

    Website: www.judymauer.com

    Good Lead: Gallery ownwers, PeopleĀ in charge of buying art for: hotels, banks, other corporations who hang art on their walls, interior designers,architects......