Gregory Rose

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Gregory Rose

New York, New York, 10017


Phone: 917-414-2942

Company: GHR Communications LLC

Position: Founder & President

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Greg is a communications and government professional with a proven ability to build and protect a brands reputation. Having worked in several sectors, Greg's track record has shown a consistent increase in earned media hits and social media influence, along with the ability to influence public discourse and drive an increase in business opportunities. His experience leading efforts in the non-profit, private, and public sectors has given him a first hand look at how they all interact, allowing him to connect the dots, plan for what may come, while meeting the goals he and his clients have set.


We Earn You Media
You know what you are talking about, make sure your audience does too. We have worked with industry leaders to develop thought leadership ideas, engage reporters, and create opportunity for organizations to enhance their brands.

We know it takes a variety of ways to make these opportunities successful. It includes building relationships and thinking of angles that reporters need and want to tell their audiences. By being thoughtful and consistent, our record shows we can get clients the media they deserve.

Increase Your Reach
For over a decade, we have created social media campaigns that increased the number of followers and engagements among multiple platforms.

E-mail marketing campaigns have also been created to remind subscribers about the brand and what is being offered - increasing sales and influence.

Customized Plans For You
We create individual media plans for all our clients that includes what they want to be known for and how we can get them their.

Whether it's developing thought leadership opportunities, building a social media presence, or marketing your new venture, we customize our plans for you, so from the very start we can accomplish the goals that you set.

Business Category: Public Relations


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