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Douglas Blaine Kenney 71 White Birch Lane, East Stroudsburg PA 18302-8340 (570)223-9320 email: Page One of Eleven EXPERT WITNESS CONSULTANT SPECIALIZING IN: Intellectual Property, Patent Analysis, Patent Infringement, Patent Research, Litigation and Expert Witness assignments in: eCommerce, Payment Processing Systems, Point Of Sale, Credit/Debit Card and Automated Banking & Retail Systems – Since 1985 EXPERT WITNESS CASES COMPLETED: Client (2012-13) JOAO BOCK TRANSACTION SYSTEMS Case Settled 1/2013 “Joao Bock Transactions Systems v Cathay Bank, et al;” Joao Bock Transactions Systems – Inventor and Owner of revolutionary US Patent 6,047,270 – Sued Cathay Bank and eleven other banks for infringement of the ‘270 Patent. Mr. Kenney, as Joao’s Expert Witness, for six months participated in the development of this landmark Case, researching Cash Management systems designers and equipment makers,(FISERV, JACK HENRY et al), researching annual reports, 10k’s and website electronic banking demonstration models of each of the twelve banks; researched financial software developers of Cash Management systems and related Cases; assisted in developing damage claims, examining licenses and royalties; prepared extensive suite of 853 Claim Charts; wrote the “Expert”, “Validity” and “Invalidity” reports. Analyzed and rebutted twenty (20 ea.) claimed “Prior Art” Patents: USP 4,554,418; 4,823,264; 4,893,330; 5,064,999; 5,220,501; 5,221,838; 5,500,513; 5,513,250; 5,530,438; 5,559,871; 5,615,110; 5,621,201; 5,708,422; 5,809,144; 5,825,863; 5,826,241; 5,845,260; 5,872,921; 5,953,710; 6,182,052. Analyzed and rebutted three Defense Expert reports; Extensive training in Deposition and Trial techniques. Deposed 1/23/2013; Defendant settled at Deposition for $1.8mm. Client (2011-12) ZARIAN MIDGLEY & JOHNSON, PLLC Case Settled 6/2012 “Leon Stambler v Newegg, et al” The Newegg Corporation – second largest Internet merchandiser by volume (Just behind; See WSJ 11/25/2011) – was one of thirty-three defendants being sued by Leon Stambler for patent infringement of Mr. Stambler’s US Patents 5793302 and 5974148, which address the activation and use of certain security features associated with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption software, as it is currently used in eCommerce applications worldwide (this is the complex encryption that protects “Shopping Cart” and “Checkout”). Mr. Kenney’s Expert Report for the Defendant – based upon his detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the VISA, MasterCard and Amex credit authorization and clearing systems - opened up an entirely new area of defense for the Attorneys. This Case required an extensive knowledge of the payment system technology of Amazon, Newegg, Bill Me Later and Paypal (including intimate knowledge of modern financial networking, as well as a firm grasp of the inner workings of the evolving encryption methodologies currently used to protect cardholder payments throughout the eCommerce/Intenet world. Expert Report submitted 12/2011. PATENT & EXPERT WITNESS EXPERIENCE Douglas Blaine Kenney (570)223-9320 Page Two of Eleven Client (2011-Present) ABRAHAMSEN & ABRAHAMSEN Class Action Suit "Fredrick C. Spott v Citizens Savings Bank Inc." Fred Spott - a hard-working mining engineer - was cheated out of $118,000 by a treacherous employee who forged his signature on more than 100 business checks (some as large as $15,000) and deposited them in her own account at a local bank over a two-year period, using the money for cars, boyfriends and other toys. The bank’s “signature expert”(30 years experience) missed all these checks as they passed through the Bank over the two year period (two or three per week), examining each of them but somehow failing to spot the forgery. Mr. Kenney’s Expert Report for the Plaintiff shows how the forged signature should have been easily spotted, and highlighted the Bank’s violation of Federal law (US PATRIOT Act) Client (2010 - 2011) MILLER IP Case Settled “Capital Security Systems Inc. v Diebold Inc.” A noted intellectual property attorney retained Mr. Kenney to help analyze existing patents describing deposit-taking machinery associated with the most recent releases of new wave Automatic Teller Machines, and to compare them with his Client’s recently-discovered earlier patents, including an existing, operating prototype machine. As part of his Expert Report, Mr. Kenney assisted the attorney in the creation of 1,200 Claim Charts describing precisely the area of infringement in this matter. Patents USP 7,653,600; 6,012,048; 5,987,439; 5,897,625 extensively analyzed and reported. Client (2010) TROUTMAN SANDERS Case Settled “Automated Transactions LLC v 7/Eleven Inc” Mr. Kenney served as “Expert Witness” in a patent infringement Case involving the merger of Internet-driven Automatic Teller Machine technology with Internet-driven advanced retail kiosk systems & equipment. Analyzed and reported on Patents USP 6,945,457; 7,571,850; 7,591,420; 7,591.158; 7,591,248; 7,600,677 DEPOSED 11/24/2010 Client (2010) NOVAK DRUCE & QUIGG LLP Case Settled “Ebay/Bill Me Later v ATC” Defendant Ebay/Bill Me Later was sued by a small manufacturer alleging Patent infringement in Ebay/Bill Me Later and Paypal’s payment system technology. Mr. Kenney – working for the Defendant - analyzed USP 5,884,312 and USP 6,122,624 and his Expert Report proved non-infringement. Plaintiff withdrew the suit upon reviewing Mr. Kenney’s findings. PATENT & EXPERT WITNESS EXPERIENCE Douglas Blaine Kenney (570)223-9320 Page Three of Eleven Client (2009) LOPEZ ROMERO & MONTELIONE, P.C. Case Settled “Braga v InterAudi Bank” This Case involved Fraud on the FedWire network. Criminals at a prestigious Manhattan private bank through manipulation of sloppy controls in the bank’s Wire Room, embezzled almost one million dollars from a Brazilian children’s college fund. Mr. Kenney’s Expert Report for the Plaintiff proved shoddy FedWire operations by the Bank, and described in detail how the Bank’s failure to properly vet cut-and-pasted customer signatures on faxed withdrawal orders, aided and abetted the fraud. Client (2008) FOX – ROTHSCHILD LLP Patent Research Mr. Kenney’s “Child Card” & “Electronic Travelers Cheque” Patent research & analysis of USP 5,864,830, USP 5,953,710; WO 91/16691, showed serious patent infringement by a newly-launched American Express Co. electronic card “The Electronic Travelers Cheque”. Client (2008) FOGARTY & FOGARTY Reverse Engineering A Credit Union ATM card embossing machine failure sends a Customer/postal worker to jail; Mr. Kenney’s review of the engineering design of this poorly-maintained machine and its operation by incompetent employees at this sloppy Postal Credit Union helped save an innocent man from Jail. Mr. Kenney’s Expert Report for the Defense called the Postal Credit Union “The very ‘F’ Troop of the banking industry”(which mightily amused the Judge). The postal worker was freed and his record cleared. Client (2007) ALCATEL-LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES INC Patent Analysis Mr. Kenney’s extensive review of fourteen (14 ea.) old about-to-expire Bell Laboratory “Smart Card” Patents detected a close correlation of one old Bell patent, with a widely-used international “Smart Card” ISO industry standard currently used throughout Europe and Asia for credit authorization, thus opening the door for Lucent to sue hundreds of international banks for patent infringement. Mr. Kenney analyzed and reported on Patents: 5,541,583; 5,655,003; 5,544,246; 5,848,783; 4,816,654; 4,816,653; ISO/IEC 14443-4; 14443-3; 14443-2; 14443-1;10536-1;-2;-3; ISO15693; 78102003; 78102004; 78102005; 78102006; 78102007; 78102008; 78102009. PATENT & EXPERT WITNESS EXPERIENCE Douglas Blaine Kenney (570)223-9320 Page Four of Eleven Client (1999) SEDGWICK, DETERT, MORAN & ARNOLD Case Won “Bank Boston v Banco Nacion de la Argentina, et al” This Case revolved around a clever Wire Fraud done by bank employees in the Banco Nacion de la Argentina Wire Room in Buenos Aires. Criminals made up Telex messages that were physically identical to actual FedWire Letters of Credit (by typing offline on the actual FedWire Transfer machines), then faxing the copies to the New York office complete with phony Fedwire codes and numbers. The New York office of Bank of Boston bought the Letters for $40,000, but of course, could not redeem them. Mr. Kenney’s Expert Report for the Plaintiff, proved the mechanism of fraud and Bank Boston was made whole by the Federal Court. Client (1998) ANDERSON, BANKS, CURRAN & DONOGHUE Research Report Identity Theft & records confusion at national credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax ruined a young man’s credit by co-mingling his personal credit history with a criminal who was – coincidentally – living on the next block in Brooklyn. Same zip code, very similar Social Security numbers, very similar name. Mr. Kenney’s knowledge of the proper computer records to subpoena from the three national credit bureaus, and his skilled understanding of the operation of the ancient IBM mainframe systems used by those credit bureaus, solved the problem. Client (1991) DEYONG, RYAN, & RISCHARD Case Won “Omron Electronics Inc. v Texas National Bank 1991” Complex Flaws in poorly-manufactured precision electronic components caused massive technical failures in newly-installed “Omron” ATM’s at dozens of Texas National Bank branches across the State, precipitating the exit of thousands of dissatisfied retail bank customers from Texas National Bank branches across the State of Texas, because malfunctioning Omron machines were swallowing customer cards and not dispensing cash. The new Statewide system failed to automatically notify headquarters when: (1.) the ATM was broken; (2.) the ATM was empty of cash. Mr. Kenney’s detailed analysis for the Plaintiff – who had just purchased hundreds of these newly-manufactured, poorly tested model of Automatic Teller Machine - and his Expert’s Report, forced reimbursement to the Bank by the Japanese manufacturer. PATENT & EXPERT WITNESS EXPERIENCE Douglas Blaine Kenney (570)223-9320 Page Five of Eleven Client (1989) Burke v Federal Bureau of Investigation” Case Won John Burke was convicted of Wire Fraud by the F.B.I. in an interstate franchise scheme that went wrong, and was going to jail for 12 years – or more. On Appeal - working over a single holiday weekend – Mr. Kenney analyzed 871 pages of sworn testimony and discovered fourteen serious technical errors in the F.B.I.’s Case; One gross error was major: FNB of Alabama’s computer printout presented by the F.B.I. as evidence, showed Burke’s alleged fraud occurring on February 29; However, this was not a leap year – therefore, according to the Government’s Complaint – the F.B.I.’s key evidence showed Burke’s crime took place on a date that never existed! Mr. Kenney’s Expert Report for the Defense caused this and other F.B.I. Testimony to be thrown out by the Federal Court. Burke got a new sentence of only 3 years (but alas - died in Jail the following year). Client (1985-86) SEMON & MONSHINE Case Won “Electronic Switching Industries Inc. v Faradyne Electronics Corp”. 2/04/1986 Mr. Kenney’s 6 hour testimony before the Eighth District Federal Court (Judge Leonard Wexler), and his creation and use in testimony of multi-color overlays showing traffic, equipment failures and successes of Plaintiff’s equipment, Proved the design integrity of a high-volume telecommunications switching system operating in the Long Distance WATS service. Immediately after the “Bell breakup” in 1984, FEC contracted with ESI for ESI to design a high speed switch capable of selecting individual trunks from bulk Wide Area Telephone Service cables, so that FEC could market them regionally at a discount, to individuals in the Long Distance resale industry. ESI did so for $40,000 cash plus six cents per call for all calls handled by the new switch over the duration of its operation in FEC’s service. The new switch was wildly successful and the new service prospered – so much so that the prototype machine ran out of capacity within six months of installation. ESI was making a fortune on the “six cents per call” arrangement, a perceived loss of FEC revenue which bothered FEC no end and which became an obsession within FEC management to somehow “recover” those funds from ESI. When – due to business success - it came time to expand the switch capacity, FEC decided to secretly buy a large commercial switch to replace the ESI machine, and then to sue ESI for ‘breach of contract’, claiming that the ESI switch did not operate properly. IEC’s owner/engineer retained “Semon & Monshine” and then died suddenly, leaving his widow and son with no idea of how to proceed. “Semon & Monshine” then retained Mr. Kenney. Mr. Kenney analyzed 5,000+ pages of technical drawings and papers describing the switch and its operation, graphed the traffic on large displays for the Court, and explained to Judge Wexler the complex operation of the ESI switch, clearly showing from the graphic displays and dozens of computer printouts, that the switch was not defective and that ESI had fulfilled its obligation under the Contract – thus winning the Case. ESI received a large award. DEPOSED 11/17/1985 – TESTIFIED 2/04/1986 – Transcript of this Trial is Available upon request. DOUGLAS BLAINE KENNEY Page Six of Eleven Douglas Blaine Kenney 71 White Birch Lane, East Stroudsburg PA 18302-8340 (570)223-9320 email: Page Seven of Eleven GENERAL CAREER SUMMARY Forty-five years developing, marketing and implementing advanced financial technology for banks and brokers, both as an independent consultant, and as a technology executive with CITIBANK, COOPERS & LYBRAND, THRIFT TRANSFER SERVICES INC. , RCA CORPORATION and NEW YORK STATE ELECTRIC & GAS CORP. GENERAL CAREER EXPERIENCE BANK DATA BANK CONSULTANTS (D-U-N-S 038151700) 1977 To Present Thirty-eight years as President and principal consultant of my own firm providing advice & counsel on technology issues to domestic & foreign banks and Wall Street firms. (See Client list p.4) Managed 72 major technology projects, personally designing, selecting and managing the installation of more than $2.0 Billion in computer, telecommunications, services and software. Extensive experience in design & implementation of Point Of Sale systems, Automatic Teller Machines, Voice & Data networking, Wall St. Trading Room design, construction of banking offices, data centers, bank computer technology and telecommunications; extensive experience in Credit, Debit, SmartCard, ChildCard and ATM card design, marketing & technology. Worked with national credit bureaus EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX and TRANSUNION on software and hardware solutions for identity theft and debt collection. Experience with SWIFT/CHIPS /FEDWIRE/ BANKWIRE secure money transfer systems. Experience with AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD Authorization and Clearing networks. Expert in telecommunications, computer and power cabling for large commercial buildings. Expert in all forms of voice and data telecommunications, wireless, landline, microwave & satellite. CONSULTING CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Selected by CITIBANK as Lead Technology Consultant for the design and construction of 41-floor Citicorp “Pacific Rim Headquarters Building” at Number One Sansome St., San Francisco – an eighteen-month project. And to Citibank’s 500-trader “Westside Trading Facility” in NYC – twenty months. Audited, detected and exposed multimillion-dollar fraud involving market data feeds serving Citibank, JP Morgan & Chase Manhattan Bank trading rooms. “Designer of Record” and “Owners Representative” for B.A.N.K. AUSTRIA’s construction of TRADE POINT OF AMERICA INC., a $12.4mm, 33,000 sf, 220 trader facility at the Prudential Building in New York City. Met secretly in Vienna, Austria with top level Chinese government engineers and architects of PEOPLES CONSTRUCTION BANK OF CHINA to solve severe technology design problems plaguing China's historic first foreign exchange trading operation in Shenzhen, prior to historic initial opening. Evaluated and marketed Russian-designed computerized gaming systems to Las Vegas casinos. Technology Advisor to dozens of Foreign Banks doing business in New York City. Worked on many Patent Cases 1985 through 2013 involving extensive data mining and personal research into diverse subtle and arcane technologies. Douglas Blaine Kenney 71 White Birch Lane, East Stroudsburg PA 18302-8340 (570)223-9320 email: Page Eight of Eleven COOPERS & LYBRAND – New York City 1979 1982 Four years as National Practice Manager in C&L's nationwide management consulting practice, at that time largest of the "big six" public accounting firms. Managed a team of six Consultants addressing Client Projects that included: Feasibility of launching an American Express communications satellite from an island off South America; Feasibility of installing a nationwide fiber optic network in support of AMEX online credit card authorization; Operations Analysis of bank operations and Management of operations improvement projects; P&L analysis of new banking technology; Fraud investigations in major Banks & Wall St. firms; In-house bankruptcy valuation study of failed brokerage house MS Wein & Co.; Designed/Conducted a major market salary research study for INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION. Planned & installed world’s largest telecommunications call director system for LL Bean & Co. in Freeport ME. C&L Client responsibility for: ALLEN & CO.; AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., NY UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER; DARBY DRUG CO.; LL BEAN & CO.; EASTERN COAL CO.; BANCOHIO CORP.; HARTFORD NATIONAL BANK; SECURITIES SETTLEMENT CORPORATION; MS WEIN & Co.; MOSLEY BROKERAGE . THRIFT TRANSFER SERVICES CORPORATION – New York City 1976 1977 Two years as Executive Director of a newly formed electronics banking R&D consortium launched by 22 NYC MUTUAL SAVINGS BANKS to develop a cooperative interbank data switch and to launch a proprietary credit/debit card for a new savings bank ATM network in New York City. Reported to a board of 22 bank presidents. Negotiated directly with CEO’s of AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA & MASTERCARD for representation of NYC savings banks on the VISA and MasterCard national authorization and clearing networks; Designed an interface data switching system based on the DEC PDP-11 for interfacing 17 IBM, Burroughs and NCR mainframe computer systems then supporting all the processing of the 22 NYC savings banks; Launched the “ThriftSaver” ATM debit card. CITIBANK/CITICORP – New York City & Cambridge MA 1971 1976 Five years as VP/Senior Product Planner in Citibank think tank Citicorp Systems Inc. (later known as Transaction Technology Inc.) in Cambridge MA for credit/debit card systems development. Participated in early development of the ABA Magnetic Stripe Credit Card. Developed Online Credit Authorization Terminal, Platform and Teller Terminals (Prototypes available for inspection by serious Client Prospects). Participated in initial design of currently-existing VISA/MASTERCARD authorization & clearing networks. Designed innovative debt collection software & hardware solutions. Designer and Project Manager for the development and initial rollout of the laser-encoded "Magic Middle" debit/credit card to 1,749,127 Citibank banking customers on a single day – on time; Set up, hired and managed 400 person operations group in New York City, Long Island, Massachusetts and California over an 18 month period culminating in the on-time, one day mailing of 17 tons of laser encoded Magic Middle "Citicards" to 1,749,127 mm CITIBANK consumer accounts worldwide Promoted to P&L responsibility for Citibank MasterCard business expansion in five cities across New York State and development and expansion of first statewide online authorization network in the Industry. Douglas Blaine Kenney 71 White Birch Lane, East Stroudsburg PA 18302-8340 (570)223-9320 email: Page Nine of Eleven RCA CORPORATION – New York City, Cherry Hill, San Francisco, Germany, Turkey 1963 1971 Eight Years in various technical positions: Engineered mountaintop tropospheric scatter telecommunications relay stations in Republic of Turkey (USAF 486L network); Merit promotion to Technical Administrator of RCA’s European area office in Wiesbaden Germany to manage development and deployment of large-scale top secret USAF military intelligence monitoring and data gathering systems (ELINT); USAF 412L network; PROJECTS NINE YARDS; TEN YARDS) encircling the Iron Curtain with electronic listening stations from northern Norway on the Russian border, to the Syrian border of Turkey. RCA Color TV was utilized to display split second online readiness status levels of hundreds of nuclear weapons and aircraft delivery systems across Europe, to USAFE commanding general, every morning. Returned to USA as RCA Institutes Computer Science Instructor, taught digital systems engineering seminars in 27 cities nationwide for RCA Institutes; promoted to RCA Institutes Marketing Director. Transferred to RCA Computer Division as Main Frame Computer Salesman; after extensive mainframe computer training, assigned as missionary computer salesman to San Francisco banks & brokers. Promoted to RCA Computer Systems headquarters staff in Cherry Hill NJ as Bank Marketing Specialist, focusing on credit/debit cards and financial computer systems. Graduate of accelerated bank training program at Princeton University (“Money, Banking & Gold”) and Rutgers University (“Stonier School of Banking”). Provided onsite advice & counsel in RCA Computer Systems mainframe banking software & hardware to Customers and Salesmen at 53 RCA sales offices nationwide. Assigned as Technical & Marketing liaison officer to RCA’s David Sarnoff Research Laboratories (Princeton NJ & Zurich, Switzerland) regarding experimental laser-read holographic credit card development system, designed by RCA for the banking and retail industries. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS 1958 – 1963 Five years a US Marine. Non-Commissioned Officer-In-Charge of US Marine air base electronics depts. at stateside (Beaufort SC) and Far East airbases (Futenma, Okinawa) during early years of the Vietnam War. Responsible for all control tower, weather bureau, base electronics, ILS, GCA, radio direction finding, air base police & fire communications Set up Soc Trang Air Base, RVN in 1962 (“Operation Shu Fly” - First US airbase in ‘Nam). Eighteen months formal schooling at US Navy schools (Great Lakes IL) and US Marine Corps schools (San Diego CA) in electronics, specializing in radar and ground to air communications. Honorable Discharge, Medals & Awards. Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars. NEW YORK STATE ELECTRIC & GAS CORPORATION 1956 - 1958 Two years an Electrical Engineer-Aide assisting in the design and installation of electrical power distribution lines, substations and transformer vaults in the Distribution Engineering Office of this major producer of electricity in Upstate New York. Assisted in the design and development of transmission & distribution lines serving hundreds of new homes and businesses then being built in support of the just-built IBM Airborne Computer Laboratory in Endicott, NY. Douglas Blaine Kenney 71 White Birch Lane, East Stroudsburg PA 18302-8340 (570)223-9320 email: Page Ten of Eleven PERSONAL INFORMATION Author of: “The Wise Man’s Guide To The Twenty-First Century” (ISBN 0-9715290-0-0) published by Bank Data Bank Press 2001, "Communicating Home Computers And The Interactive Revolution" published by American Express Co. 1983. “The Complete Marketing Guide To 250 NYC-Area Banks” published by Bank Data Bank Press 1979; Author of: Many articles on financial technology for McGRAW HILL'S "DATAPRO REPORTS," GRALLA PUBLISHING'S "BANK SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT" magazine, The WALL STREET TELECOMMUNICATION ASSOCIATION's newsletter, "CABLING BUSINESS” magazine". Wrote and Edited: An online Internet column on management consulting for VAULT.COM. Inventor of: “WITS” (Wireless Integrated Trading System) – a wireless (T-1 Infrared) trading desk for disaster recovery operations; "TelePortal", a device that secures office doors using the office PBX, "DisTinkt", an add on device providing a distinctive ring for telephones situated in large open offices, and "Q-Minder", a custom-microprocessor based system that precisely measures productivity of moving line situations at bank teller windows, turnpike toll booths, etc. Developed several point-of-sale and credit authorization terminals while at Citibank’s TTI. (prototypes available for inspection by serious Client prospects). Developed a number of prototype credit and debit cards while at TTI. (prototypes available). Life Member, INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS; Member; AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS, Member; ASSOCIATION FOR SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT, Member: ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER ASSOCIATION, Charter member, NEW YORK SOFTWARE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION. Holder of: U.S. Industrial Top Secret Clearance granted by the DEFENSE INDUSTRY SECURITY CLEARANCE ORGANIZATION, Columbus, Ohio; FCC Commercial Radio Engineer’s License; U.S. Passport. Member of: Board of Directors of the Presbyterian Investment & Loan Corporation (A Mortgage Bank). 35 year Member, Gideons International; Ordained Elder, Presbyterian Church. EDUCATION & TRAINING Five and one-half years of formal college training; 143 Semester Hrs. completed in fourteen years of night school in: Okinawa, Turkey, Germany, Boston MA, Princeton NJ, Binghamton NY., NY City. Majored in: Computer Science at NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Electronics Engineering at SUNY Binghamton, Business Administration at UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Stonier School of Banking at Rutgers University; Money, Banking & Gold at Princeton University Technical: “Computer Systems Engineering program at RCA Computer Division” (4-mo. residency) “Electronics, Radio & Radar” at US Navy & US Marine Corps Schools. (18 mo. residency Taught and attended: special courses in banking, computers and communications at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY (Telecommunications disaster recovery), THE NEW SCHOOL (Banking In New York), RCA INSTITUTES 40-Hour Postgraduate Seminars presented in 27 US Cities (Computer Science; Digital Communications; Digital Systems Engineering; Logic Design & Boolean Algebra; Integrated Circuit Design; Numerical Control Systems), and as In Plant seminars at : IBM Corporation (Executive Program), U.S. Naval Electronics Laboratory(Digital Logic Design), Boeing Aircraft Corporation (Digital Systems Engineering), and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory at San Diego (Information Theory; Advanced Digital Communications). Page Eleven of Eleven Douglas Blaine Kenney’s Consulting Clients Amerada Hess Corporation American Express Company Austrian Trade Commission Banca della Svizzera Italiana of Switzerland Bank Leu Ltd. Of Switzerland B.A.N.K. AUSTRIA: (Handelsgesellschaft fur Bank und Buro Ausstattungen Normmodel Kassenraumeinrichtungen GesmbH) Bankers Trust Company Bayerische Vereins Bank of Germany Caixa Geral de Depositos of Mexico Cardkey Systems Inc. Caxton Associates Chase Manhattan Bank N.A. Chemical Bank N.A. Citibank N.A. Citicorp CoreStates Bancorp Credit Communal Banque de Belgique SA of Belgium Data Management Inc. DLJ Autranet DLJ Pershing Eberstadt Fleming Inc. Eighth Federal District Court EMI Malco Plastics Corporation Garban/Garvin Guybutler Global Sarf Trading Inc of Saudia Arabia Great American Industries Inc. HBB Consulting, Inc. of Austria Hill Samuel Inc. of Britain Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Turino of Italy JP Morgan Securities Inc. Jones Intercable Inc. Kiloran Financial Management L.P. Lucent Technologies Inc. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company McIntosh & Co. of Australia Moore Capital Management Inc. Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. Natwest Markets Inc. of Britain Robert Fleming Ltd. Of Britain Roosevelt Savings Bank SDS Sparkassen of Denmark Securities Settlement Corporation Sentinel Advisors LLC Skopbank of Finland Swiss Bank Corporation The National Bank of Kuwait The National Commercial Bank of Saudia Arabia Trade Point Of America Inc. Zurich Reinsurance Corporation of Switzerland The Zweig Organization



Intellectual Property, Patent Analysis, Patent Infringement, Patent Research, Litigation and Expert Witness assignments in: eCommerce, Payment Processing Systems, Point Of Sale, Credit/Debit Card and Automated Banking & Retail Systems – Since 1985

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