Dominick Bencivenga

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    Dominick Bencivenga

    15 West 36th Street, 11 North, New York, New York, 10018


    Phone: 6467831943

    Company: The A Team Consultants

    Position: President

    • work-phone 6467831943
    • mail-address
    • mobile 6312780207
    • location 15 West 36th Street, 11 North


    The A Team is available, with the expert accounting and financial advice you need. No matter what growth stage your company is in, our approach to providing services fills your gaps at every level – from the boardroom to the back office. We bring to your company, or nonprofit, accounting expertise from the basics (bookkeepers) to the most advanced (CFO's).

    Business Catergory: Consulting


    Good Lead: Businesses or nonprofits with revenue up to $40 million in Tri-State area who want quaility finanancial experts on a part-time budget.