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Daniel Stock

200 Park Avenue, Suite 1700, New York, NY, 10166

Company: Daniel H. Stock PLLC

Position: Owner

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I am the founding member of Daniel H. Stock, PLLC, a New York City law firm handling all aspects of divorce, custody, child support, alimony and property division in the New York metropolitan area. My firm focuses on high-conflict, high-net worth litigated divorces, including appeals, mainly in Manhattan and Westchester, although Brooklyn has become an increasing part of the firm’s practice. Despite our focus on “headline” divorces, we also handle cases involving lower income thresholds. My professional background is unusual among divorce lawyers in that I have received formal training in, and practice, Collaborative Divorce, a type of alternative dispute resolution, while maintaining a litigation practice. “Unusual” because most Collaborative Divorce lawyers are uncomfortable in the courtroom and are not good at highly-charged litigation scenarios, while most litigators are not adept at the nuances of mediative-type resolutions such as those used in Collaborative Divorce. Having a lawyer on your side that is comfortable in both arenas is a huge plus and greatly increases the chance of a favorable outcome, whether it occurs in the conference room or the courtroom. I am particularly sensitive to – and very successful in cases involving – women in divorces whose male spouses are wealthy, powerful, and manipulative. Winning cases in this category requires a high degree of litigation skill, strategic planning, years of trial work, and an intimate knowledge of our local courts, all of which I bring to the table. I am happy to say The New York Law Journal has published my articles on this and other topics affecting the rights of women in divorce.


Boutique matrimonial law firm handling litigation and Collaborative Divorce cases in the New York metropolitan area.

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Good Lead: Anyone coming in contact with individuals contemplating divorce (or, in the case of unmarried people with children, family breakups); individuals experiencing domestic violence or verbal harassment from a family member (regardless of marital status); individuals seeking to obtain or enforce court orders for divorce, custody, alimony or child support.