Clem Heffez

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Clem Heffez

200 Garden city Plaza Suite 410, New York, New York, 11530



Company: Aflac

Position: Agent/ Individual & Group Sales

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  • mobile 516-680-9588
  • location 200 Garden city Plaza Suite 410


Aflac is a Fortune 500 company with programs that enhance the benefits package of employers through cash indemnity insurance products that benefit both the employers and the employees. Bringing Aflac into a company comes at no cost to the business owner. Offering individuals and families life changing products that mitigate the damaging effects of an unexpected illness or accident. This does not change or replace any insurance benefits that a company might currently offer.

Business Catergory: Insurance Life & Health


Good Lead: Looking to set up a brief meeting with a business owner, HR Rep, or decision maker regardingĀ supplemental health benefits. Any business with 3 or more employees that sign up for Aflac get a group rate. No Cost to the owner to offer these invaluable affordable benefits to their employees.