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Entertainment Blogs
507 days ago 6 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
I was reminded of Rona's blog of a few weeks ago about armrests when I went to an off-Broadway last week. (Rona's armrest incident was on an airplane.) As I found my seat in the small theatre, I could have been mistaken for taking the seat already occupied by the woman in the next seat. When she re-arranged herself, her coat and her pocketbook, I was able to sit -- only to encounter the challenge of the armrest between our seats. As I tried to get comfortable, my arm settled ...
1249 days ago 9 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Last night was David Letterman’s last show. I wasn't a big David Letterman fan over the years but I was quite impressed with the recognition, accolades and respect given to him during the last few weeks’ countdown to the final show. I watched some of the last shows with interest -- he certainly had everyone who is someone in the chair for a last encounter. The old tapes put things in perspective and made me feel that, indeed, we’ve come a long way. I was reminded of hi...
1641 days ago 5 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Dan shaded his eyes as they adjusted to the sunlight and he tried to fathom what he saw. There, on the far side of the courtyard was Duardo kicking a soccer ball as only a three-year old could to an unshaven man. But this was no playground. Dan looked up at the high walls surrounding the courtyard. The razor wire that capped the walls and the three cameras confirmed that his first impression was wrong. Wherever he was, he wasn't leaving. Where was he? He questioned ag...
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