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39 days ago 4 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
Like my fellow Gothamite Al D’Elia (and I’m sure there are others) I went to Brooklyn Technical High School, one of the specialized high schools in New York City. Now there’s talk of eliminating the test for entry to these schools. Bills are being introduced in Albany - I’ve gotten several emails from the Alumni Association to “Save the Test”. From what I’ve read, the proposal is to base entry on a number of factors, including grades, and scores in state-wide tests. There ...
109 days ago 5 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
There is a new peril among pedestrians. I am sure that we’ve all fallen victim — hopefully without dire consequences. I was reminded of it just the other day as I was walking to the subway. I was about to step onto the first step of the stairs down to the subway when I bumped into the young woman in front of me who had stopped abruptly. After a moment, she proceeded. I noticed her smartphone and realized that she was texting. That explained her sudden stop. Perhaps an expla...
172 days ago 8 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
The other day, I walked from my office on Broadway and 39th Street to “Ink48” (a wonderful boutique hotel with a great restaurant-“Print”) on 48th Street and Eleventh Avenue. As I walked north on Broadway, I left the old “garment district” which is gradually absorbing non-garment businesses with its people-friendly pedestrian mall on Broadway. I was soon walking through Times Square with its bright lights, billboards, street performers, tourists, barricades and police. With...
291 days ago 4 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
An incident reported to me: Standing at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 53rd Street waiting for the light. A man in front is standing off the curb -- in a bike lane. A tandem bike going north on the Avenue (the wrong way) screeches as it glances the pedestrian. The bike stops for an instant, words are exchanged and the bike darts on its way. The pedestrian is momentarily stunned, then recovers and screams after the cyclists, irately yelling; "Watch where you're going you idi...
340 days ago 5 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
The other evening, we visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in Battery Park to see the new exhibition on the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann. The Museum is a special place in a special part of the City. On our way to the exhibition, I found myself before the display describing the plight of the SS St. Louis. In 1939, Nine hundred German Jews departed Hamburg for Havana. While en route, their entry permits to Cuba were revoked and they we...
942 days ago 7 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
How do you put 70 people of diverse backgrounds and interests in a room at the Friar's Club for an hour and a half lunch and keep it in the family? Well, that's exactly what Nancy Schess (and all those who attended) did yesterday at a triple meeting of the New York Women's Group, The Bandit Group and the New York Health and Aging Resources Group. It was Gotham at its best. Old business and new business. Old friends and new friends. A great end to the year. And much to look ...
970 days ago 4 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
Recent events in Paris bring me back to September 11, 2001 and its aftermath. For several years, beginning in the late 1990's, we visited Paris with friends for a long weekend in December to celebrate Flo and our friend’s birthdays. In those early years, I found Parisians to be less-than-welcoming to Americans. The cause -- whether it was the language barrier or that they didn't care for tourists -- was unclear; however, it always seemed best not to be easily identifie...
977 days ago 7 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
The Downtown Marriott in Chicago has a nice bar in the lobby. A great big screen with six different TV screens dominates one side. Six different sporting events on one screen. The bar is a real gathering place. We were sitting at the bar. I am not sure whether we said something or the man sitting next to Flo started the conversation. It's easy to start a conversation at a bar in a hotel. It didn't take long before we learned that the man was visiting Chicago from New J...
1012 days ago 6 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
Although I am a Mets fan, I routed for the Yankees on Monday night. On Tuesday, I heard the last sportscasts of how the Yankees did and it won't be until next season that I'll have to wait to hear about the Bronx Bombers before hearing the sportscasters talk about my Mets. So here we are with the wild card teams decided and the playoffs are underway with the boys from Queens representing Gotham City. “Let's go Mets!” C'mon Yankee fans, it's not so hard to say and we welcom...
1019 days ago 3 comments Categories: City Blogs Tags:
The sign read “No Parking - Friday Midnight - Monday 6am”. She parked on Thursday evening and found a ticket on her windshield on Friday morning. The ticket was issued at 12:06 a.m. on Friday. We all know what Midnight means....or do we? That moment between one day and the next. Lawyers tend to try to avoid confusion -- opting for “11:59 p.m.” or “12:01 a.m.” So, was she right to park and leave the car that Thursday evening?...
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