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Your Best Interest LLC, e-giving and Connect2Collaborate
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Technology to optimize cash flow: credit cards, e-checks (ACHs) and e-commerce for business, membership associations and nonprofits. Coach professionals, organizations and businesses how to best use LinkedIn for branding to gain incremental business.
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Multipreneur: LinkedIn 1 to 1 coach, group trainer, speaker; e-payment pro to nonprofits & business; I exceed expectations

1) Cash flow consultant and provider of merchant account services for business and nonprofits--the technologies the banks do not offer well, but are nonetheless essential to optimal business cash flow. and

2) I can coach you in LinkedIn marketing strategies and techniques individually and/or via my seminars, webinars,and group training presentations. My customized corporate sales training for large corporations, Inc. 5000 companies, and professional services firms features LinkedIn as THE branding tool throughout the organization, uniting the brand of the individual to the company itself.
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Finance, Insurance & Real Estate



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  Marc_Halpert wrote 113 Days Ago  
I saw an amazing play yesterday that I recommend to you: This Flat Earth Enjoy!
      Marc_Halpert wrote 337 Days Ago  
    Final prep for a most exciting next week: author event for my book at New York County Lawyers'​ Association; panelist (3rd time) for New York State Bar Association; lunch speaker at Planned Giving Council of Greater Philadelphia. Need a speaker at your event?
        Marc_Halpert wrote 431 Days Ago  
      This Gothamite will miss Adam West. 'Batman' actor Adam West dies
          Marc_Halpert wrote 496 Days Ago  
        PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Gotham As you know, LinkedIn has recently changed its look and the way it shows your data. Some of the data you had on your profile before is no longer visible on your profile (sections titled “advice for contacting you”; “other information about you”, etc.), but do not despair-it’s still available, but you have to request it. So if you procrastinated getting a data archive of your entire LinkedIn profile, including connections and all their contact details, you are in luck: the 3/31/17 deadline to download this has been extended, again, but DO NOT WAIT. Do this now: 1. Move your cursor to your picture on the upper right hand side of the screen and click “me”. 2. Click on Settings & Privacy. 3. In the basics section. scroll down to "Getting an Archive of your Data." Click on it. There are two options. 4. Click on the second option: "Fast File plus other data." You will get some data within about 10 minutes, and then the rest within 24-72 hours... It takes very little effort. You will receive the first zip file almost immediately; save it someplace handy. The second file should arrive in the next 1-2 days. (more details〈=en) Marc Halpert
            Marc_Halpert shared link 634 Days Ago  
          We the People ask President Obama to immediately appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
              Marc_Halpert added photo 673 Days Ago  
            For the second year in a row, and this time in the top 100 (!), I am so pleased to be chosen as a thought leader among my esteemed North American LinkedIn colleagues. Can I help you use LinkedIn as a power tool in your marketing toolbox to turbocharge your business?
                Marc_Halpert added photo 725 Days Ago  
              Seating is limited. Register now. You can register online here:
                  Marc_Halpert wrote 792 Days Ago  
                Gotham, You already know I am a big (!) proponent of LinkedIn, yet as I like to remind you whenever I teach on the topic, I am not financially compensated in any way by LinkedIn, so I can retain objectivity.

                I can be rather critical of LinkedIn, especially when they change useful aspects, making them harder to use, or delete them altogether, with little warning. So when I saw the LinkedIn blog announcement of the merger yesterday, I decided rather than crafting a knee-jerk reaction, I would sit back and think about what this means to each of us, as business professionals using LinkedIn as one tool in our marketing tool box.

                Change is good and LinkedIn was primed to make a lot of changes in the 2nd half of 2016, from what was publicly said late last year. LinkedIn needed a fresh outlook to make its interface more intuitive and comprehensible. No doubt more will come to me, but for starters here's my take on 12 opportunities we will likely have: see my blog post
                    Marc_Halpert wrote 936 Days Ago  
                  For my Westchester NY area colleagues and/or those they know: I am teaching a new LinkedIn for Job Seekers course in May through the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Center for Continuing Education. It's one of my favorite LinkedIn courses, because we have seen real progress to a new career path, and it is open to all underemployed, held at the Mamaroneck Library May 3 and 24, 2016; 100-230pm in 2 sessions. Tell your friends and colleagues. Registration opens Monday:
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